Clarion Financial Services, LLC
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The Clarion Solution

Reagan Stewart established Clarion Financial Services, L.L.C. to provide those services to companies desiring a part-time, interim or project-oriented CFO or Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO).  The focus of Clarion is to assist those companies that lack the capacity or need of a full-time CFO/CRO, but need an experienced executive to provide creative financial, operational, and strategic solutions to achieve corporate goals and enhance shareholder value.  In these organizations, the addition of a part-time CFO/CRO can provide financial credibility for the benefit of investors and lenders.  It further provides additional time to others in senior management to focus on those tasks that more closely reflect their job descriptions and background. With Clarion, companies are also able to add 33 years of financial experience to their management team.  Therefore, each company becomes more focused and efficient without having to add a full time person.  Clarion is also qualified to serve as an outside board director for the benefit of Company and equity holders.  Mr. Stewart is a committed partner to the management team and does not delegate these responsibilities to others.

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