Clarion Financial Services, LLC
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Professional Experience

Mr. Stewart’s 35-year career brings the experience and skills needed by growth-oriented companies.  Eight years in commercial banking, ten years in the corporate finance group of a Big-Five accounting firm and twelve years as a corporate CFO/CRO provides the knowledge of financing and managing companies from all angles.   It furthermore develops the standard of care and credibility needed in the CFO/CRO role.  Mr. Stewart is a pro-active and results driven person with broad experience in financial planning, capital formation, strategic planning, M&A, accounting, cash management and business development.  He is an experienced, operationally oriented CFO/CRO with multi-industry background, leading the corporate finance function for capital-intensive public and private companies in various start-up, stable, turnaround, high growth and international situations.  Furthermore, he is a rational, pragmatic leader committed to reliability and accuracy, discipline and integrity, team-building and effective communications.  Mr. Stewart holds a master’s degree in finance; is a Certified Insolvency and Reorganization Accountant and is a past or current member of several established professional organizations.

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