Clarion Financial Services, LLC
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Benefits and Services

The following is a partial list of benefits and services that are provided by Clarion:


  • Financial partner to executive management and board of directors
  • Positioning the Company to grow or preparing it for a transaction
  • Establishment of appropriate policies and procedures for accounting and cash management
  • Management of merger, acquisition and divestiture activities
  • Assessing new business opportunities
  • Turnaround and crisis management
  • Maximizing and managing cash flow and working capital
  • Sourcing and optimizing structure of debt and equity securities
  • Financial forecasting and strategic planning
  • Business plan development, implementation and monitoring
  • Communication with investors, lenders, customers and key vendors
  • Assistance with vendor credit relationships and procurement logistics
  • Assistance with financial accounting and reporting
  • Assistance with legal, regulatory and corporate governance issues
  • Assist with operational logistics, efficiencies and cost control
  • Management of unplanned business disruptions
  • Risk management
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